Zero Rate Loan

Aimed at first-time buyers, the Zero Rate Loan is the most advantageous loan.
It allows you to benefit from a real estate loan without interest.
The amount is based on your income and the number of people in your household.
Find out more about PTZ on the public service website.

Departmental and regional loans

Accessible if your county or regional council has set up a fund for its inhabitants, departmental and regional loans are so-called “social” loans reserved for families with modest incomes.
Get closer to your county or regional council for more information.

Employer loans

Employer loans

Also called “1% housing loan”, the employer loan is offered by many companies. It is intended for employees who wish to acquire their principal residence and makes it possible to benefit from a mortgage at a favorable rate.
Ask your employer for more information.

Good to know

A couple can quite cumulate two loans 1% housing, provided not to exceed a certain ceiling.

Eco Ready Zero Rate

Eco Ready Zero Rate

The PTZ eco is a subsidized loan for people wishing to purchase a principal residence built before January 1, 1990. There are no means of qualifying for this loan, but you will have to meet one of these conditions in order to qualify. benefit :

  • Plan a bunch of works
  • Replace an individual sanitation system with a system that consumes no energy
  • Achieve a level of “overall energy performance”

You can find more information on the government website.

The Social Accession Loan 


Aimed at people with modest incomes, the SSP can allow you to buy your main home while continuing to receive personalized housing assistance (APL).

Housing Savings Account Loan 

Savings Account Loan

The CEL allows you to benefit, after 18 months of minimum savings, from a mortgage at a competitive rate. Its amount is limited to € 23,000 and the interest earned must have reached at least € 75.

The Social Rent Accession Loan 

Aimed at households under the ceiling of resources wishing to buy a new home, the PSLA offers a number of advantages:

  • Exemption from property tax for 15 years
  • VAT rate reduced to 5.5%
  • The absence of interim interest
  • Reduced notary fees
  • The possibility of cumulating this loan with other aid …

The Assisted Rental Loan of Integration

Loan cash,salary

The PLAI is a state-assisted loan for the financing of houses and apartments rented to people in great need. Its advantages are many: exemption from property tax for 25 years, VAT to 5.5% for work and construction, preferential loan rate …
Two conditions to benefit from it:

  • Rent the housing concerned to people with low incomes or integration problems
  • Rents must not exceed 60% of the ceiling provided for housing financed by the rental loan for social use