Closing a mortgage life loan

Early repayment to close a mortgage life loan The early repayment of the mortgage life loan is fully authorized by the terms of operation of this type of credit. These are indicated in the contract entered by the borrower and the lender before a notary. When you make a full prepayment, you can close your […]

The loan agreement

In this page: What is the loan Loan agreement: the bonds The risk of “loss” of the good and the regulation of expenses At the end of the loan Articles and sentences on the loan The articles of the code that deal with the loan Facsimile of a loan agreement The loan for use The […]

Social rental loan : the benefits of this financing

The Social Rental Loan is a loan with preferential rate granted to private persons, with an interest rate indexed on the Livret A remuneration. It finances various projects to be rented as social housing: The purchase of land The construction of new housing The acquisition-improvement of old housing Acquisition -transformation of non-residential dwellings The transformation […]

Assisted loans: possible financial aid

Zero Rate Loan Aimed at first-time buyers, the Zero Rate Loan is the most advantageous loan. It allows you to benefit from a real estate loan without interest. The amount is based on your income and the number of people in your household. Find out more about PTZ on the public service website. Departmental and […]