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Register regularly in the online loan portal and check your personal data. You can find the application form on the online loan portal at  Intrasavings bank. Based on your application, a contract offer will be created online. They submit the application and the contract offer to a Intrasavings bank.

Our next appointment

our next appointment

The study certificate is proof that you are enrolled. If you have not yet provided proof of your studies, we do not know if you will continue your studies. That’s why we’ve adjusted the payments to you. We ask you to confirm your studies until 31.05. submit.

Then we will check if we resume the payments to you. Your certificates of achievement must be received by 31.05. to be submitted. Then we will check if we resume the payments to you. Please also check if your personal information is up to date. Please register regularly in the online loan portal and check your personal details.

Eradication – How it works

Eradication - How it works

Use the credit rate you can and want to raise. For the conversion from 01.04. on 15.09. is a correction for 2 dates in the year under “amortization plan change” possible. Under “special repayment” can until 15.03. for the conversion from 01.10. Special repayment from 100 USD to be agreed.

The next 01.04. or 01.10. will be deducted. Even if you do not change anything, during the months of May and September you will always find your current interest and interest information in your inbox. If this is useful and possible for you, please refer to the section “Option: Fixed interest for repayment”.

Distribution – how it works

Distribution - how it works

The interest on the current loan amount is deducted from the monthly installments. Initiate an interest deferral, the interest is due later. You can do this 2 days a year via the additional function “apply for interest cancellation”. until March 15 for the changeover from April 1 to September 15 for the changeover from October 1, you have promised a monthly loan amount of USD 300, the effective interest rate is 4.16% pa

The overview shows the amount of interest deduction that arrives on your account; Value in USD. The deferred amounts are collected at the time of repayment in a single amount by direct debit. Please check your account balance to see how much interest has accumulated by that time. You can also activate deferred loan interest by adding the loan amount and deferred loan interest.

A “Capitalization Offer” will be made by us during the month of March or March before the repayment start date.

Credit for hearts recipients – instant loan online Mon, 04 Nov 2019 12:59:13 +0000

A bond for hearts recipients without Schufa? It’s not easy to get credit as a hearts recipient. In principle, no bank can rate the benefits from hearts as income in the lending. But without collateral and sufficient income nobody is creditworthy. Only privately asked if there is the possibility to get a loan as Hearts recipients.

Thanksgiving hearts

Thanksgiving hearts

With the hearts credit you get your desired loan amount, even if you are hearts recipients. And all that, of course, at particularly advantageous conditions, which can be adapted to your living conditions. The loan despite hearts was designed specifically for Hearts recipients (ALG2) and is therefore tailored to this particular situation.

It is usually not easy for a hearts recipient to gain financial leeway as the funds available are usually just enough to provide for themselves. But even as a recipient of hearts you have specific requirements for your life and would like to redeem them. However, this is not possible without financial support, and since housing banks and credit institutions generally do not grant loans to hearts beneficiaries, there is often no chance of allowing anything.

Even if vital things like refrigerators or washing machines fail, they can not be easily replaced because there is no cash. In most cases, only one loan can help. In almost all cases, however, both the house banks as well as the credit institutions, the request of Hearts-Empfaengern back.

This is mainly due to the fact that a Hearts recipient has no regular income. In addition, the Hearts receivers have very limited funding options. So far, the standard rate for Hearts receiver was only 351 USD.

If an urgent purchase is required

If an urgent purchase is required

This meant that a Hearts receiver had to pay for all its life for a full month of life. If an urgent purchase is required, it can usually only be made with external resources. Some Hearts recipients then borrow money from friends or relatives, but not everyone has the option.

Alternatively, you can borrow from unknown funds in the form of a payday loan. Loans are given by private individuals and not by a house bank. Even people living on the border of income have the chance to gain new economic freedoms with a hearts loan. Of course, the terms of the contract and the credit rating model are also tailored to the special circumstances of hearts recipients.

Financial situation of the debtor

Financial situation of the debtor

Of course, monthly payments are therefore very low so as not to overload the financial situation of the debtor. This is possible because the hearts loan is long-term and can only be used up to a manageable credit limit. The hearts credit models offer many benefits.

Special payments may be made, with a reasonable reduction in the time limit, and there is also the possibility that the borrower will suspend installment payments twice a year free of charge if the financial situation does not allow payment of the monthly installments. This will increase the duration of the exposure appropriately, as the exposed weeks are merely behind it.

Calculate credit costs – instant loan online. Mon, 07 Oct 2019 12:20:45 +0000

The monthly calculation and payment of the credit costs offers the borrower a slight financial advantage over the annual payment. Before calculating a loan using a formula or a rough estimate, you should consider which loan type is best for your project. Anyone who has ever taken out a loan knows that this must be repaid and, in addition, the cost of the loan. In most cases, only the interest rates agreed for the loan agreement are taken into account. The loan calculator supports financial planning with detailed repayment schedules and clear statements.

Effective interest on credit: Calculation of actual costs

Effective interest on credit: Calculation of actual costs

If you want to take out a loan, always compare the nominal interest rate of the bonds. But anyone who thinks that the same nominal interest rate always has the same effective interest rate is wrong and should read the following remarks. For the borrower, a number of key drivers play an important role when it comes to the effective return on loans.

Nominal interest rates – all well and good – but: What prices must really attract investors? Ultimately, however, only the nominal interest rate is used and thus not the effective interest rate of the loan. When calculating the effective interest rate for loans, you can immediately see the differences to seemingly identical contracts.

Even though the stated nominal interest rate is the same, the cost of borrowing may still vary. As a borrower, you need to check this if you want to save costs and find the best loan contract for you.

After you have evaluated all the loan costs, you can now calculate the effective interest rate for the loan. The effective interest formula is: The net loan amount is the amount paid out when the loan is taken out. Borrowing costs are the total refundable amount less the net loan amount. This allows you to synchronize many offers quickly and efficiently.

The price of credits can vary widely. This can be a big advantage in longer term loans such as home purchase or mortgage lending.

Credit calculation: That’s how it works!

Credit calculation: That

You must take the interest calculation and the terms into account when calculating the loan. The total cost of the loan is greater, the greater the amount of interest costs. If the repayment term also increases, the cost of borrowing can increase significantly. As a borrower, you can determine the terms and the loan amount yourself. They only have an indirect influence on the interest rate of the loan, since this is determined by the house bank.

But at the end of these pages, there are four practical tips on how to save your credit costs. When you take out a loan, you can significantly reduce the loan amount by following these four guidelines: Choose the shortest possible term: The longer the loan term, the lower the total interest cost. For example, if you’re financing $ 10,000, you can save up to $ 500 or more by switching maturities from 84 to 60 years.

Rate protection insurance can only be concluded with a high loan amount: The installment insurance can massively increase the total loan amount. For loans over USD 10,000, coverage costs will quickly exceed USD 1,000 over the repayment term. For longer maturities, depending on the job situation, small loans and maturities of less than two years are generally undesirable.

Add a second borrower with a regular salary: The credit rating increases significantly if you place the application in pairs. If both have regular money, the hedge for the house bank is larger and the interest rates fall. That makes the loan cheaper overall. Collateral for the bank: The more collateral a bank has, the less interest it will charge.

For example, if you have a registered mortgage, you can use it as collateral. Four aspects are important in calculating creditworthiness. Decisive for determining the monthly installments or the total costs are, in addition to the loan amount, the terms and the interest rate, but also the repayment type. Loan Amount: The loan amount has the biggest impact on the monthly installments.

As a result, borrowers have a major impact on the monthly burden of the loan sums. The maximum amount of the loan depends on the creditworthiness of the borrower. An unlimited number of loans can not be requested. This ensures that debtors can repay their debt at all. Also, the loan amount should be adjusted by each borrower to the current financing needs.

Maturities: The maturities affect two parameters of the loan. First, it is determined to what extent the total loan amount is divided into monthly installments. On the other hand, the total interest expense depends directly on the maturity. The interest payments are higher, the higher the time period. Therefore, it is generally recommended to set the runtime as short as possible.

Interest: The house bank uses the interest rate to indicate how much interest you have to pay for the desired loan amount per year. By contrast, the annual interest rate includes all expenses associated with the loan. In the banking sector, a distinction is generally made between three common types of repayment.

Here too, identical partial amounts are repaid over the entire duration. However, the portion of interest at the beginning of repayment is greater than the amortization. At the end of the term of office, only the remaining debt remains. The bullet loan is a form of loan in which the borrower pays the loan volume only at the end of the repayment term.

This loan is also suitable for the financing of real estate, if the borrower can be expected with an increased cash payment at a certain time. 3% pa ‚Äč‚Äčthat is 3% interest per year. In this way, an installment credit balance can be calculated: This way an annuity loan is calculated: The monthly installment amount of an annuity loan is determined by the annual pension.

This is the value to be repaid annually, including interest to the house bank. If you only want to calculate the monthly rates, you get the following formula: Zn = total number of monthly installments. This calculation takes account of the fact that the portion of the repayment decreases with increasing maturity, while the portion of the repayment increases.

When calculating the loan, you must first look at the terms, the total loan amount and the interest.

However, there are other factors that affect the cost of credit: Annual percentage: Always check if the house bank expects the annual percentage. The annual percentage of the fee also serves to determine the pension.

Settlement fee: Many credit institutions charge a handling fee for the granting of loans. However, please check whether the processing fees of the respective Landesbank are even creditable. The Federal Court of Justice ruled on this in 2014 and found the fees for many loans invalid. Flexible interest: Building loans often offer the chance of variable interest rates.

This can be useful to borrowers when falling interest rates are expected. Even in the case of mortgages, it is important in the low-interest phase to use the longest possible fixed interest rate. The monthly tariff is calculated by three parameters: Credit amount: Which amount should be co-financed? Duration: How long should this funding be?

Interest: What is the interest on the loan amount? First, the interest charge is calculated for each due date. The interest is then added to the net loan amount and divided by the terms. This leads to the monthly interest. This could be a repayment plan for a USD 10,000 loan repayable at a monthly installment of USD 600 at an annual interest rate of 4%.

With this loan, more interest payments are made at the beginning than at the end of the term.  The total amount of the loan in this example is USD 10,305.80. Lowering the monthly rate to USD 400 would increase the cost of credit by more than USD 150. So you know quickly how much capital you need for the desired loan amount in the month and how the monthly rates change at lower interest rates.

Calculate Loans on the Internet with the Simple Loan Calculator: If you want to take out a loan to auto-finance or reschedule your debts, this loan calculator will help you. For example, you can use the monthly rate shown to determine whether you need a longer-term loan term in order to raise the required loan amount.

At the same time, in the representative example, the total loan amount of the relevant service provider is used as a basis for calculation. It calculates the loans according to the location of the property, the type of financing, the repayment rate and the fixed interest rate. When comparing loans you will see different offers. They are arranged by the monthly rate and the annual percentage.

Using the home savings calculator, you can create your financing and repayment plan in advance, giving you a head start on credit with the house bank.

Credit Fast Payments – Instant Loan Online. Fri, 04 Oct 2019 12:14:49 +0000

A sound financial plan helps you pay off your debts. With our tips, you are quickly debt free again. “Credit customers should use the current low interest rates right from the start to pay off more,” says consultant Beer. With an initial repayment of two to three percent, they would be debt free much faster. However, consumers should pay special reimbursement rights on their loans.

Faster debt relief: This is how the repayment works effectively

Faster debt relief: This is how the repayment works effectively

The fastest possible repayment of loans is not always useful. What the customer should pay attention to when repaying his obligations. Credit is not just credit. Whether for a new vehicle or the elegant leather seat set: Financing for consumer goods are usually provided for 24 to 84 months. In the longer term, the monthly installments are all the more manageable – even if the funding rate is increased: the average interest rate for a $ 10,000 loan is currently at 5.13% for a 24-month and 5.46% for a 60-month loan term.

That’s 439 USD for the instant customer and 190 USD per day for those who want to pay off. If the consumer pays back the payment paid before the deadline? This is also possible without major damage: The statutory maximum rate for installment loans without land registry security is 1.0 or 0.5 percentage points of the remaining debt.

The percentage of the loan amount

The percentage of the loan amount

However, you must pay annually a percentage of the loan amount to the house bank. If you can do more, you are also debt free faster. In addition, the contract should include the option of being able to adjust the repayment amount over the years to living conditions or income developments. It is sometimes confusing what influences the repayment of mortgage loans.

Many users of our lender comparisons are surprised that the highest-yielding credit institutions at the end of the deadline have the lowest residual debt. With eight percent interest and a repayment percentage, a loan is repaid in almost 28 years. However, with three percentage points of interest and one percentage point of repayment, it would take 46 years, as the lower interest rate savings resulted in a slower repayment.

It is therefore advisable in the current low-interest-rate phase to decide, if possible, to repay two to three percentage points per year.

Although changes in maturities and repayments of installment loans do have manageable effects, mortgage customers should not leave anything to chance when drafting contracts. 3. A long fixed interest rate coupled with extremely flexible repayments currently provide the optimal basis for a worry-free financing period.

Closing a mortgage life loan Thu, 09 May 2019 13:45:25 +0000

Early repayment to close a mortgage life loan

Early repayment to close a mortgage life loan

The early repayment of the mortgage life loan is fully authorized by the terms of operation of this type of credit. These are indicated in the contract entered by the borrower and the lender before a notary.

When you make a full prepayment, you can close your mortgage life loan. Be careful, however, because the signed contract can set blocking criteria, such as compensation to be paid to the lender. These are fixed as follows:

  • Before the fifth year , the prepayment indemnity represents four months of interest for a paid-up capital at a time and five monthly installments for a paid-up capital periodically;
  • Between the fifth and the ninth year , the allowance represents two months of interest for a paid-up capital at one time and three monthly installments for a paid-up capital periodically;
  • From the tenth year , the indemnity is one month of interest for a paid-up capital at one time and two monthly installments for a paid-up capital periodically.

Closing a mortgage life loan by selling the mortgaged property

When you want to close a mortgage life loan, it is also possible to sell the mortgaged property. This type of transaction effectively terminates the contract with the lender before a notary.

It should be noted that the closing of the contract is also effective when the owner of the property sells the usufruct or the bare ownership.

In this case, the lender is entitled to challenge the sale price or the estimate proposed during the proposed sale, and to ask for an expertise to verify that the case is good. In the case where the estimate is higher than the price previously set by the owner, the lender is entitled to seize the property or claim the amount indicated by his expertise.

The death of the borrower can close the mortgage life loan

mortgage life loan

Last possibility to close the mortgage life loan, the death of the borrower occurring before the end of the total repayment of funds. In this case, the amount of principal and interest can not exceed the value of the mortgaged property estimated at the end of the contract. When the single borrower or the last borrower dies in case of multiplicity, there are two choices for the heirs:

  • Keep the property mortgaged and repay the loaned funds;
  • Let the bank sell the property to pay back the funds.
Consolidation Loan: Help or the Beginning of Major Problems? Mon, 01 Apr 2019 04:46:25 +0000

Wherever we look, there are a lot of different ads that encourage us to take advantage of financial products. And probably many people use them without even thinking whether they are able to deal with them later, or not.

The biggest threat to people who do not calculate their actual creditworthiness is to take out a non-bank loan. These are products that are not bad in themselves. But with incompetent treatment, and in particular when you do not repay on time, they can cause financial problems.

Consolidation loan, take or not take?

Consolidation loan, take or not take?

This is the age-old dilemma of people who have been saying for some time that all their receivables have grown considerably. Even the first problems with their timely repayment begin. And as you know, the more delays we have, the more expensive it costs. Let’s focus first and foremost on getting rid of this uninteresting situation as quickly as possible, while again not looping into further high interest loans. However, will not a consolidation loan be such a loan?

It turns out that no! As the APRC of the most expensive consolidation loan is around 9%, it is several times less than in the case of cash loans and certainly a dozen or so times cheaper than in the situation of a non-bank loan.

Cheap consolidation loan

Cheap consolidation loan

Of course, it is worth focusing primarily on a cheap consolidation loan, because we want to maximize our debts as much as possible. Fortunately, for this purpose, we do not have to walk from the bank to the bank. It is enough to look at the financial comparison, which will thoroughly illuminate the current situation on the financial market. Thanks to such a statement, we will know exactly in what bank it is really profitable to submit an application, and in what institution we can expect a very high price. You can also take into account whether the borrowed sum can be used for other consumption purposes than just debts. More and more banks actually give this opportunity.

The loan agreement Sun, 24 Mar 2019 14:16:46 +0000

In this page:

  • What is the loan
  • Loan agreement: the bonds
  • The risk of “loss” of the good and the regulation of expenses
  • At the end of the loan
  • Articles and sentences on the loan
  • The articles of the code that deal with the loan
  • Facsimile of a loan agreement
  • The loan for use
  • The loan for use: guide to the practical aspects and facsimile of the contract
  • Index of the guide on the contract

What is the loan

The loan is that contract (governed by articles 1803 and following of the civil code) with which a part (the one who consigns ) delivers to the other (the borrower ) a movable or immovable property because these can be used for a time or for a use determined with the obligation then to return it.

This is essentially a free contract even if the possibility of using a “modal” or “onerous” loan is not excluded provided that the charge imposed is not of such a consistency as to eliminate the typical nature of the contract.

However, it should not be a consideration for the enjoyment of the thing.

Although it may seem a very simple way to manage certain relationships based on trust and courtesy , in reality it is a contractual choice that can create problems of no small importance, at least from a procedural point of view.

If, for example, a loan contract has as its object a real estate property and at maturity the borrower does not intend to return it, the lender must take an ordinary judgment to obtain the return of the property as there is no provision for a fast procedure such as for example eviction procedures in lease agreements.

Loan agreement: which obligations

From the loan agreement comes obligations first and foremost for the borrower (ie for the one who takes delivery of the good).

As set out in Article 1804 of the Civil Code, he must guard and preserve the good received with what is defined as the diligence of a good family man (ie with that typical commitment of the average man who is required in relation to the specific obligation assumed).

Anyone who has received a good on loan cannot grant it to third parties without having received the consent of the lender.

The eventual non-fulfillment of the obligations imposed on it by article 1804 civil code gives the owner the right to obtain the return of the asset in addition to compensation for damage.

The risk of “loss” of the good and the regulation of expenses

money expenses

Anyone who has received the good on delivery must know that under certain conditions , the risk of the loss of the property may fall on him.

Article 1805 of the Civil Code states that the borrower is liable if the thing perishes due to a fortuitous event to which he could remove it by replacing it with his own thing, or if, being able to save one of the two things, he preferred his own.

The borrower, on the other hand, is not liable for the normal deterioration that the asset undergoes due to the use for which it was delivered, except in the case that there is no deterioration due to fault.

There is also an opposing obligation which instead bears on the owner of the property and which concerns possible defects of the thing given on loan. If these defects cause damage to those who use it, the constable must compensate them if, despite being aware of the defects, he has not warned the borrower.

As regards the costs related to the use of the property , article 1808 of the civil code provides that those who use the property on loan must bear the expenses necessary to use the property without being able to request reimbursement while having the right to be reimbursed only for expenses extraordinary “sustained for the conservation of the thing, if these were necessary and urgent”.

At the end of the loan

cash loan

When the loan contract has reached the deadline, the asset must be returned but the law also provides for the possibility for the lender to request immediate repayment in the event that an urgent unforeseen need has arisen.

In the event that the loan does not provide for a specific duration, the law provides that the borrower must return the asset as soon as the learner requests it.

The same right to request immediate repayment exists in the event of the death of the borrower. In this case, the counselor can ask the heirs for immediate return even if a deadline has not yet been set.

Social rental loan : the benefits of this financing Tue, 19 Mar 2019 14:12:46 +0000

The Social Rental Loan is a loan with preferential rate granted to private persons, with an interest rate indexed on the Livret A remuneration.

It finances various projects to be rented as social housing:

  • The purchase of land
  • The construction of new housing
  • The acquisition-improvement of old housing
  • Acquisition -transformation of non-residential dwellings
  • The transformation of various premises, with or without acquisition, into rental housing
  • The realization of housing-homes for the elderly or disabled (excluding social residences)
  • The acquisition of rental housing as part of a sale in the future state of completion (VEFA)

Who can benefit from the Social Rental Loan?

Rental Loan

The Social Rental Loan is granted to natural or legal persons who can finance the acquisition by a contribution in equity at least equal to 10% of the estimated cost of the operation.
The PLS is intended to finance social rental housing located primarily in areas where the real estate market is “tense”. It is aimed primarily at any investor who buys housing to rent (house, apartment and even student housing or housing-home).
This bank loan is granted by Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. The lending institution must therefore have signed an agreement with it.
A complementary loan may also be granted to supplement PLS funding.

What is the amount of the rental social loan?

social loan,money

The amount of the loan is equal, at least, to 50% of the cost price of the operation and can cover the totality (deduction made of subsidies).
Rates vary by financial institution and are indexed to the Livret A rate. The PLS amount also varies depending on the lending institution and the amount borrowed. For a Livret A at 2.25%, the rates granted are between 3.32% and 3.62%.

The rates are identical regardless of the status of the borrowers (public body, real estate development company, natural person).

Assisted loans: possible financial aid Fri, 08 Feb 2019 14:57:52 +0000

Zero Rate Loan

Aimed at first-time buyers, the Zero Rate Loan is the most advantageous loan.
It allows you to benefit from a real estate loan without interest.
The amount is based on your income and the number of people in your household.
Find out more about PTZ on the public service website.

Departmental and regional loans

Accessible if your county or regional council has set up a fund for its inhabitants, departmental and regional loans are so-called “social” loans reserved for families with modest incomes.
Get closer to your county or regional council for more information.

Employer loans

Employer loans

Also called “1% housing loan”, the employer loan is offered by many companies. It is intended for employees who wish to acquire their principal residence and makes it possible to benefit from a mortgage at a favorable rate.
Ask your employer for more information.

Good to know

A couple can quite cumulate two loans 1% housing, provided not to exceed a certain ceiling.

Eco Ready Zero Rate

Eco Ready Zero Rate

The PTZ eco is a subsidized loan for people wishing to purchase a principal residence built before January 1, 1990. There are no means of qualifying for this loan, but you will have to meet one of these conditions in order to qualify. benefit :

  • Plan a bunch of works
  • Replace an individual sanitation system with a system that consumes no energy
  • Achieve a level of “overall energy performance”

You can find more information on the government website.

The Social Accession Loan 


Aimed at people with modest incomes, the SSP can allow you to buy your main home while continuing to receive personalized housing assistance (APL).

Housing Savings Account Loan 

Savings Account Loan

The CEL allows you to benefit, after 18 months of minimum savings, from a mortgage at a competitive rate. Its amount is limited to € 23,000 and the interest earned must have reached at least € 75.

The Social Rent Accession Loan 

Aimed at households under the ceiling of resources wishing to buy a new home, the PSLA offers a number of advantages:

  • Exemption from property tax for 15 years
  • VAT rate reduced to 5.5%
  • The absence of interim interest
  • Reduced notary fees
  • The possibility of cumulating this loan with other aid …

The Assisted Rental Loan of Integration

Loan cash,salary

The PLAI is a state-assisted loan for the financing of houses and apartments rented to people in great need. Its advantages are many: exemption from property tax for 25 years, VAT to 5.5% for work and construction, preferential loan rate …
Two conditions to benefit from it:

  • Rent the housing concerned to people with low incomes or integration problems
  • Rents must not exceed 60% of the ceiling provided for housing financed by the rental loan for social use