Register regularly in the online loan portal and check your personal data. You can find the application form on the online loan portal at  Intrasavings bank. Based on your application, a contract offer will be created online. They submit the application and the contract offer to a Intrasavings bank.

Our next appointment

our next appointment

The study certificate is proof that you are enrolled. If you have not yet provided proof of your studies, we do not know if you will continue your studies. That’s why we’ve adjusted the payments to you. We ask you to confirm your studies until 31.05. submit.

Then we will check if we resume the payments to you. Your certificates of achievement must be received by 31.05. to be submitted. Then we will check if we resume the payments to you. Please also check if your personal information is up to date. Please register regularly in the online loan portal and check your personal details.

Eradication – How it works

Eradication - How it works

Use the credit rate you can and want to raise. For the conversion from 01.04. on 15.09. is a correction for 2 dates in the year under “amortization plan change” possible. Under “special repayment” can until 15.03. for the conversion from 01.10. Special repayment from 100 USD to be agreed.

The next 01.04. or 01.10. will be deducted. Even if you do not change anything, during the months of May and September you will always find your current interest and interest information in your inbox. If this is useful and possible for you, please refer to the section “Option: Fixed interest for repayment”.

Distribution – how it works

Distribution - how it works

The interest on the current loan amount is deducted from the monthly installments. Initiate an interest deferral, the interest is due later. You can do this 2 days a year via the additional function “apply for interest cancellation”. until March 15 for the changeover from April 1 to September 15 for the changeover from October 1, you have promised a monthly loan amount of USD 300, the effective interest rate is 4.16% pa

The overview shows the amount of interest deduction that arrives on your account; Value in USD. The deferred amounts are collected at the time of repayment in a single amount by direct debit. Please check your account balance to see how much interest has accumulated by that time. You can also activate deferred loan interest by adding the loan amount and deferred loan interest.

A “Capitalization Offer” will be made by us during the month of March or March before the repayment start date.