The Social Rental Loan is a loan with preferential rate granted to private persons, with an interest rate indexed on the Livret A remuneration.

It finances various projects to be rented as social housing:

  • The purchase of land
  • The construction of new housing
  • The acquisition-improvement of old housing
  • Acquisition -transformation of non-residential dwellings
  • The transformation of various premises, with or without acquisition, into rental housing
  • The realization of housing-homes for the elderly or disabled (excluding social residences)
  • The acquisition of rental housing as part of a sale in the future state of completion (VEFA)

Who can benefit from the Social Rental Loan?

Rental Loan

The Social Rental Loan is granted to natural or legal persons who can finance the acquisition by a contribution in equity at least equal to 10% of the estimated cost of the operation.
The PLS is intended to finance social rental housing located primarily in areas where the real estate market is “tense”. It is aimed primarily at any investor who buys housing to rent (house, apartment and even student housing or housing-home).
This bank loan is granted by Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations. The lending institution must therefore have signed an agreement with it.
A complementary loan may also be granted to supplement PLS funding.

What is the amount of the rental social loan?

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The amount of the loan is equal, at least, to 50% of the cost price of the operation and can cover the totality (deduction made of subsidies).
Rates vary by financial institution and are indexed to the Livret A rate. The PLS amount also varies depending on the lending institution and the amount borrowed. For a Livret A at 2.25%, the rates granted are between 3.32% and 3.62%.

The rates are identical regardless of the status of the borrowers (public body, real estate development company, natural person).